The Return of the Midi-Skirt

The Return of the Midi-Skirt

Alice Olivia long sleeve shirt

HotSquash mid calf skirt
$165 –

Christian Louboutin black pumps
$730 –

The Row black sunglasses


Oh wow, Olivia!

Oh wow, Olivia!

Olivia Palermo looked stunning in her understated wedding two piece. Some may have been disappointed with the look, but I genuinely admire her desire to be different. Olivia is undoubtedly one of the most iconic fashionista’s of the 21st century, her look is simple yet high fashion- she is utterly flawless! Her wedding day was no exception to this high standard.

Writing 101: Day 4

As you are more than aware, I am seriously lagging behind on the 101 challenge- apologies! When I read the brief for the Day 4 challenge, I immediately thought of the loss of a person (as morbid as that sounds). However, the more I thought about it, I asked myself: a loss isn’t always negative, is it?

Since January I have dramatically changed my lifestyle, in regards to eating habits and exercise. Both of which have resulted in a loss of weight, but a gain of confidence and motivation. The teatox proved to be an effective and fast working diet supplement, which I will continue to use up until my holiday. The only downside to the teatox is that alcohol is strictly forbidden! This week my plans include a LOT of alcohol consumption, so I have taken a short break; but I am continuing to roughly follow the diet plan in order to stay on track. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that whenever I discuss food, there is always a picture accompanying it. So, here is a quick snap of a meal I rustled up today:

photo (7)

One of my favourite parts of dieting is trying new foods and recipes. This is meal was easy to make and postively delicious!

By Natalie


Writing 101: Day 1

Finishing university for the summer = FREEDOM!

However, boredom has the tendency to creep up on you now and again- so I thought I would accept the ‘Writing 101’ challenge. Admittedly, I am a few days behind, so I am playing catch up! Day One’s challenge was titled ‘Unlock your mind’. Whenever I get the chance, I love to read and get really involved in a novel. Being at university I never get the opportunity, so over summer I plan to read 4 books that have graced my bookshelf for months/ years.

photo (1)Little Women, A Week in December, The Grapes of Wrath and The Vulture. 

For the past week I have been engrossed in ‘The Vulture’ by Gil Scott-Heron. The novel is a murder mystery that is separated into seven phases (each providing a different perspective) that centers on the killing of John Lee. The most captivating aspect of the novel, is that Heron captures the raw and realistic lifestyle within a black community during the 1960’s. As the seperate interweaving narratives unfold there is much more depth to the prose than a simple crime story.

The majority of the characters are involved in gangs, drug dealing and poverty. But Heron encapsulates that their actions and choices in life, derive from their desire for survival on the brutal streets of New York. This reveals a humane and relatable dimension to the characters, which in no way condones their behaviour but allows us to reflect on our own lives and the path/s we choose to pursue.

Without giving too much away, the ending was a little disappointing for me. Heron’s ability to create tension and momentum is flawless, however, in the final phase the tension is lost and the ‘murder mystery’ element is compromised. Nevertheless, the intimate connection between Heron and the young characters introduced is undeniable, which makes the book a must read,

Favourite quote (said by Spade- a central character): ‘Time… The word comes through the turnstiles of your mind, ringing that bell that attracts your attention like the warning bell near the end of a line on a typewriter. Time is here, then it is gone.’

By Natalie