My Make-Up Essentials.

Being your average girl, I am a HOARDER of make-up! Despite living on a student loan, I have no price limit when it comes to beauty products. I buy purely on the lasting effect- even if it does break my budget! My 5 make-up essentials are:


Benefit High Beam RRP £19.50

This is heaven in a tiny glass bottle. I apply it on my cheek bones and temples, but it can also be used on your nose for contouring. It is quite shiny, so I am always aware that I don’t use too much – a little does go a long way. A small amount of it is enough to give your entire face a subtle glow. It works well with blusher or bronzer and I usually apply it right at the end of my make-up routine.

MAC Mineralize Foundation RRP £27.00

Having oily skin proves difficult when trying to find foundation that avoids my face looking too ‘shiny’. However, this product covers imperfections well and evens out my skin tone nicely. It leaves my skin looking healthy and prevents the ‘shiny’ effect. It’s easy and quick to apply with the sponge applicator provided and possesses a weightless texture that prevents my skin feeling thick or greasy.

Chanel (Jous Constraste) Blusher RRP £31.00

I felt your gasp when you read ‘£31.00’ but it has to be one of my favourite beauty items in my make-up bag. This product has a flattering and natural finish that keeps my skin from looking dull. Before purchasing this blusher, I was constantly buying cheaper palette’s (ranging from Rimmel to Maybelline etc.) and finding that they only lasted for a few months. I have been using this blusher for nearly a year now and it looks almost untouched. That is surely an investment, right?

Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ Mascara RRP £19.50

Previously, I used Benefit’s ‘BADgal Lash’ mascara, but I found that it made my eyes really dry and irritated, so I was a little hesitant to try this mascara at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The rounded end of the brush makes it easy to apply the mascara onto lashes that are usually out of reach when using other brushes. This product turned out to be perfect for me, because I have naturally light and thin eyelashes and the mascara successfully lengthens my lashes a great deal and also gives them volume without creating a clumpy look.

Urban Decay (Naked 2) Eye shadow Palette RRP £37.00

I do not have a bad word to say about this product! There is not a single colour in Naked 2 that I haven’t found a use for, my favourites being ‘Half baked’, ‘Tease’ and ‘Snakebite’. The palette is definitely a must-have, it consists of matte and glittery shades that lets you create a neutral to smokey eye look. The versatility of this palette is the products greatest feature- it is very easy to produce a simple and understated day look as well as effortlessly transitioning to a dramatic night look.

By Natalie


Testing Testing!

Unlike my last Make-Up Essentials post, the following products being critiqued are ones in which I have experimented with, but discovered flaws that have deterred me from making a repeat purchase.


Murad- Acne Cleanser  £22.50

I bought this product in Sephora whilst on holiday a few years back. I was prompted to buy the cleanser after receiving a sample in a monthly Glossybox. Initially, I couldn’t flaw the product as it worked wonders for my skin, especially my forehead (it has a tendency to be oily and therefore prone to break-outs). However, products that cost noticeably less achieve the same effect on my skin,  which means the Murad Cleanser doesn’t have a unique selling point for me. Nevertheless, I would recommend the product if you were finding that mainstream products such as Simple, Clearasil or Garnier were not having the desired effect.

Ahava- Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion £19.00

The major perk of this body lotion is its absorption power; it blends fast into your skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The lotion smells divine and creates a glowing effect on the skin. On the downside, the product is at the high end of the price range. I wouldn’t urge you to rush out and purchase this product, because there are brands out there that advertise a more attractive price tag and do exactly the same job. However, if you are tired of your current moisturizer and open to trying something new, Ahava offer sample size bottles for £2.50. There is no harm in trying it, right?

Benefit- The Pore Professional £20.50

The silky texture of this product is to die for! It makes skin appear smooth and flawless. Unfortunately, the product has one imperfection that makes it a deal-breaker. On initial appliance the product works well with my foundation and concealer, but as the day goes on I find myself having to re-touch on many occasions. This is inconvenient and slightly disappointing because the original look it creates is more than pleasing.

Eyeko- Skinny Liquid Liner £12

The hype surrounding Eyeko products at the moment is monumental! Featured in every magazine and Alexa Chung proudly promoting the make-up line, tells me that Eyeko are the new brand to watch. Admittedly, I didn’t buy this product; I received the liner free in Glamour Magazine as part of a promotion. I found that the greatest thing about the product, is it’s ability to look fresh, hours after applying it. The eye liner doesn’t smudge or cause dark patches around the eyes either, our prayers have been answered right? If you read my last make-up related post, you will already be aware that I love make-up that lasts- I like to make an investment. This liner lasted roughly three weeks before drying out completely. Talk about anticlimax!

Benefit- Sugarbomb Lipgloss £17.90

As I have done in previous posts, I always swear by benefit cosmetics. This lipgloss is no exception. I know I was disappointed with the Pore Professional but Benefit have totally redeemed themselves with this high quality product. It’s lightweight feel combined with the shiny gloss effect make this product a must buy! The gloss is not sticky or fading, what more could you ask for?

By Natalie


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