I’m baaaaaack!

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As I had transformed into a ‘blogging mute’  for a while, I thought that the least I owed you was some kind of explanation of my whereabouts. So many aspects of my lifestyle and outlook have changed over the past month/s and not without reason or encounters that have put things into perspective. As my Dad always reminds me ‘every thing happens for a reason’ and I am starting to become a firm believer of this cliche.

‘Weak eyebrows = Weak presentation. It’s like having a bad handshake, but worse because it’s on your face.’  Lena Dunham. 

As I’ve said before, reading is something that I love to do when I get the opportunity. After an over-indulgent, world wind Christmas and New Year, I was in the mood for something not too serious and light-hearted but something I could really invest in- that’s where Lena Dunham’s book ‘Not that kind of girl’ came to my attention. As an English student, it’s difficult to read a piece of literature and not analyse it’s every chapter, paragraph, sentence or word. However, Lena’s confident and candid expression captivated me to the point where I felt like we were connected in some way. Humour and wit come naturally to her (the eyebrow quote is a personal favourite), exemplifying her unsurprising rise to fame. Lena embraces her eccentric personality with sincerity, avoiding taking herself too seriously which is touching in the admirable sense. Lena’s autobiography was the exact thing that made me surface from my ‘writers block’ and reminded me that every piece of writing doesn’t have to be perfectly written, punctuated, or presented- personality is the key to the blogging kingdom of success. Lena finds the perfect balance between professionalism and inappropriateness, to reach girls and women of any age: an envious attribute I truly aspire to possess.

Who knew Vogue provided life counselling?

Speaking of aspiration, Jourdan Dunn graced the cover of the infamous Vogue magazine this month looking as flawless as ever. After reading her interview, it is clear that Jourdan isn’t what you would expect from a young model. The intertwinement of her strong character and maternal spirit extenuate her humbleness. She is no stranger to rejection and hardship, which is encouraging to someone like me who is aware of the impending post graduate life. Being in the second year of university, questions about life after graduation are prominent and I can’t help but feel like time is running out. The pressure to ‘know what you want to do in life’ can be daunting, but I’ve came to the conclusion that I need to focus on what is important now: exams, assignments, deadlines etc. It takes some of the pressure off and allows me to stand back and see the bigger picture. Sometimes we need a reality check, to make it clear which direction we should be heading in.

The #FatForWinter excuse is no longer valid.

A blog post of mine would be nothing without a mention of food. Over the Christmas period I would be lying profusely if I told you I stuck diligently to healthy eating. I found my self saying (regrettably a little too often) ‘Oh its Christmas, it’s fine!’ *she says as she scoffs her tenth mince pie*. But all good things come to an end right? So, back to strict dieting and exercise it is. Summer is once again in sight- holidays and festivals booked, it’s time to continue my mission to get fit.

By Natalie


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