Writing 101: Day 4

As you are more than aware, I am seriously lagging behind on the 101 challenge- apologies! When I read the brief for the Day 4 challenge, I immediately thought of the loss of a person (as morbid as that sounds). However, the more I thought about it, I asked myself: a loss isn’t always negative, is it?

Since January I have dramatically changed my lifestyle, in regards to eating habits and exercise. Both of which have resulted in a loss of weight, but a gain of confidence and motivation. The teatox proved to be an effective and fast working diet supplement, which I will continue to use up until my holiday. The only downside to the teatox is that alcohol is strictly forbidden! This week my plans include a LOT of alcohol consumption, so I have taken a short break; but I am continuing to roughly follow the diet plan in order to stay on track. If you have read my previous posts, you will know that whenever I discuss food, there is always a picture accompanying it. So, here is a quick snap of a meal I rustled up today:

photo (7)

One of my favourite parts of dieting is trying new foods and recipes. This is meal was easy to make and postively delicious!

By Natalie


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