Me in a Nutshell


As you have probably guessed, my name is Natalie. My intentions are not to bombard you with rant after rant, but to enlighten you and the world about my life as a student, a 20 year old and an aspiring blogger.

The thought of posting fragments of my life on a blog is pretty daunting, but weirdly exciting. Hopefully, this sharing experience will develop me as a person and provide amusement for you at the same time!

My taste is majorly eclectic when it comes to literally everything (as you will come to learn!). You could call me a stereotypical girl; I take an interest in all the generic ‘girly’ things: fashion, music, celebrities, reality TV etc. However, I am partial to switching a cocktail and The Notebook for a bottle of Corona and an episode of Prison Break. You will mainly find me uploading posts about adapting to university life: living on a budget, cooking for one and my obsession with buying clothes.

You can also follow me on:

Twitter- @naatalieeee

Polyvore- naaaatalie1


By Natalie


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